*🍄🎋🌾🍃Products for the following ailments!!! (Treatment Guide)* 

*Ulcer*…..Aleo Vera capsule, balance cream and energy spray.

It also depends on how chronic it is, before you can add regular treatment.

*High blood pressure*:…. Sea buckthorn, Regular treatment, Aloe Vera Capsules, apply balance and Vigor to on the foot and calf, a drop of Vigor on the Naval. Plus Bamboo Vinegar Patch.

*Scar:*…. Balance cream and energy spray, if on the face, apply balance cream.

*Diabetics:* Yile sugar balance, Aloe Vera capsules, Regular treatment method, mix balance cream and Vigor cream. Apply on the  foot & calf. Apply a drop of Vigor on the navel. Add snow lotus health Care.

*Asthma:* Regular treatment and mix Vigor and balance with warm water to drink, Jinli Capsules and snow lotus.

*Arthritis:*…. Regular treatment method, apply on the affected parts of the body and cover with film (Nylon)

Remove after one hour or one hour thirty minutes. The person’s weight will determine if you will add Aloe or not. Bamboo vinegar patch. U can also add mini massager.

*Pile* Aleo Vera capsules, snow lotus health Care, balance cream, apply balance in the person’s anus, Wait awhile before putting on the pad, wear a very tight pant to hold it well.

Aleo Vera Capsules should be taken 1*1daily.

*Glaucoma:*.. Balance cream and Energy spray, you can also take Aleo Vera and Yile sugar balance to regulate sugar in the system.

Apply energy spray directly to the eyes, wait for 2 minutes, apply balance cream just the way you apply penicillin ointment. 

*Cartharat:*….👆👆👆 Same as above.

*Partial Stroke:*… Regular treatment, a drop of Vigor cream into his/her navel, apply on his foot and hand, then apply at the affected parts of the body. mix balance cream and Vigor cream with warm water. Sea buckthorn, Bamboo Vinegar Patch, snow lotus health Care & mini massager.

*Slimming down:* the weight determines the administration, now, if overweight, Regular treatment method is needed, Aloe Vera capsules (2*2daily) Sea buckthorn & Snow lotus health Care.


Aloe Vera Capsules, Apply energy spray, wait for 45 second, apply Balance cream.

*Sun burn:*….. Apply Balance Cream on ur face, take ALOE VERA CAPSULES.

**Infection:/Reproductive diseases*…. Regular Treatment Method, (apple balance cream on the perineum, anus, valve, Lymphatic area of the inner thighs and inside the vagina. (2 times daily) You can also take Jinli Capsules, soak &  drink snow lotus health Aloe Vera Capsules. Also use our Sanitary pad on daily basis.

*Fibroid*  Snow lotus health Care, Regular treatment, mix little of vigor and more of balance cream inserts it inside her vagina, insert balance inside the anus. Also mix balance and vigor cream with warm water & drink. You can add Aloe Vera Capsules. Add *Phoenix Care* 

*Postriate cancer*  Regular treatment,  Apply Balance cream on the testicles, penis, glans, anus, lymphatic area & the inner thighs. (2 times daily) Add snow lotus health Care, Bamboo Vinegar Patch, 

*Insomnia* Regular treatment plus Head, (one to two times daily ) Sea buckthorn & Bamboo Vinegar Patch.

*Typhoid fever* Regular treatment and Aleo Softgel capsule & snow lotus & Yile.

 *Kidney infection*

Regular treatment, Bamboo Vinegar Patch, Jinili capsule, Yile and Snow lotus health Care. (Soak)

 *Poor Sex* 

Jinli Capsules, Yile sugar (2*2 daily) balance, snow lotus and balance cream. Apply balance cream on the testicles, penis, (twice daily). Soak snow lotus health Care.

Please note that taking Yile sugar balance 2 capsule daily will help to maintain your body at large,.

 *Low Blood pressure*

Jinli Capsules, balance cream and energy spray.


Snow lotus, Aloe Vera, Jinli Capsules, regular Treatment. Soak snow lotus for 48 hour’s, drink morning, afternoon and evening. Add Phoenix Care

 *Ovarian cyst* 

Snow lotus, Aleo Vera, balance, Vigor and energy spray. Insert balance & vigor inside the Virgina, 1½ drops of vigor with 3 drops of balance cream. Add Phoenix Care


You can use energy spray to clean up the surface, apply the Power inside Snow lotus, do that twice daily. 

If it’s diabetes sore, Cancer sore etc.

Please mix bamboo Vinegar Patch powder with snow lotus health Care powder, apply on it,


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