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    •   Size Guide

      Size Guide

      Size Chest Waist Hips
      XS 34 28 34
      S 36 30 36
      M 38 32 38
      L 40 34 40
      XL 42 36 42
      2XL 44 38 44

      All measurements are in INCHES

      and may vary a half inch in either direction.

      Size Chest Waist Hips
      2XS 32 26 32
      XS 34 28 34
      S 36 30 36
      M 38 32 38
      L 40 34 40
      XL 42 36 42

      All measurements are in INCHES

      and may vary a half inch in either direction.

      Size Chest Waist Hips
      XS 34 28 34
      S 36 30 36
      M 38 32 38
      L 40 34 40
      XL 42 36 42
      2XL 44 38 44

      All measurements are in INCHES

      and may vary a half inch in either direction.

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      Oligopeptide of Krill & Corn – Compound Drinking Powder –

      High Recognition, High Absorption

      Oligopeptide of Krill & Corn

      SOD Oligopeptide of Krill & Corn is enriched with new raw materials and extracted from seven new formulas. In addition to SOD that contains free radicals, it also adds a variety of compound peptides, and its composition is closer to human protein. Good absorption, better utilization, which enhances the nutritional supply of the product, and at the same time it is more helpful to the improvement of immune function.

      – Compound Drinking Powder –

      Product Efficacy :
      Free Radical Scavenger
      Regulate Immunity
      What Is Peptide ?

      All cells in the body are regulated by peptides. Peptides are involved in various functions of the human body, including homones, nerves,reproduction, and cell renewal, metabolism, growth, repair and regulation of various systems, organs, and cellular physiological functions in the body, activate enzymes, etc…

      The Harm of Lack of SOD Peptides :

      Lack of peptides causes hundreds of diseases.
      —— Peptide level decreased by 15% every 10 years, health issue increasing with the decreasing of peptide level.
      Causes of Aging & Various Diseases :

      In 1956, a British named Harman proposed the theory of free radicals. He believed that free radicals attacked healthy cells and caused tissue cell damage, which was the cause of aging of the body, and an important cause of malignant diseases such as tumors. If the excess of free radicals could not be eliminated in time, it will cause the following consequences :

      Attack the Cell Membrane
      Destroy Protein
      Damage DNA
      In 1998, three American Nobel Prize winners in Physiology and Medicine announced that lack of SOD and the decrease in activity are the causes of human birth, aging, sickness, and death. Supplementing SOD can delay aging, prevent, and treat various diseases.

      The Problems We Will Face When Aging :

      Gingival Recession
      Memory Loss
      Taste Decreased
      Hearing Loss
      Gray Beard
      Dull Skin
      Age Spots
      Teeth Detached
      Six (6) Product Advantages :

      Good Absorbability
      —— Small molecular structure, easier to absorb, better absorbency than amino acids and proteins.

      High Safety
      —— Plant protein, natural without additives.

      Strong Stability
      —— Stable to heat, no change in composition, without loss of function.
      Strong Solubility
      —— Completely soluble in water in a wide range of PH values.

      High Purity
      —— No turbidity and precipitation.

      High Biological Activity
      —— Unique biological activity, effective after absorption.
      Seven (7) Main Ingredients :

      Corn Oligopeptide Powder (Corn Peptide)
      —— Corn peptide has a variety of biological activities, such as anti-oxidation, anti-hypertension, strengthening immunity, anti-fatigue, protecting liver, etc. Peptide molecules are 50-200 times smaller than protein molecules. Corn peptides have five characteristics in terms of absorption effect :

      It does not need to consume energy, it is directly absorbed, and the absorption is fast.
      100% absorption effect.
      Actively absorb and be absorbed first.
      Together with trace elements to be absorbed.
      It has the advantages of strong water solubility, acid and alkali resistance, low sensitization rate.

      —— Isomaltose can effectively promote the growth and reproduction of beneficial bacteria in the human body
      Roxburgh Rose Powder
      —— Effectively enhance the body’s resistance to infection, prevent cancer, treat scurvy, discharge lead, anti-aging, treat beriberi, treat oral inflammation.

      Antarctic Krill Oligopeptide
      —— It has health effects such as strengthening immunity, anti-fatigue, antioxidant, preventing osteoporosis and etc.

      Silkworm Chrysalis Protein Peptide
      —— It has the functions of anti-fatigue, anti-oxidation and anti-aging; it can be used to treat leukopenia, acute and chronic, toxic hepatitis and physiological decline.

      Oyster Peptide Powder
      —— It has the functions of increasing men’s serum testosterone levels, regulating blood lipids, inhibiting platelet aggregation, improving symptoms of hyperglycemia, improving human immunity and promoting metabolism.

      SOD Yeast Powder
      —— The main component of yeast is protein, which accounts for almost half of the dry matter of yeast and the content of essential amino acids is sufficient, especially the content of lysine, which is lacking in grains.

      Seven (7) Magical Effects :

      Activate Cells, Repair Cells
      • Activate cell activity and reverse aging.

      • Repair denatured cells, scavenge free radicals.

      • Promote nutrient absorption and discharge metabolic waste.

      • Inhibits cell degeneration and increases immunity.

      Skin Care & Beauty, Reverse Aging
      • Activate Cells, Supplement Nutrition.

      • Speed up Synthesis, Collagen.

      • Refactoring the Body Sstructure & Restoring Flexibility.

      • Nourish Skin, Lock in Moisture.

      Eliminate Fatigue & Improve Physical Fitness
      • 5 minutes into the Blood, 10 minutes into Physical Fitness.

      • Inhibit Muscle Strength, Maintain Long-term Physical Fitness.

      Strengthen Muscles & Body Shape
      • Quickly Replenish Proteinogens, Stimulate Growth Hormone Secretion.

      • Increase Muscle Strength, Sculpture Muscle Line Beauty.

      Relieve Stress & Improve Sleep
      • Inhibition of Oxidized Hemoglobin Concentration.

      • Reduce Cortisol Concentration.

      • Activate the Body’s Original Sleep Mechanism.

      Lose Weight Healthily & Burn Fat
      • Impede Fat Absorption, Fast Fat Dissolution.

      • Improve Basal Metabolism & Promote Fat Burning.

      • Maintain Muscle Elasticity & Maintain Youthful Vitality.

      Activate Gonads & Erect Function
      • Stimulate the body’s own Gonadotropin Secretion.

      • Significantly Improved Sexual Function and Coldness.

      • Rapidly Improve Physical Fitness

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