Snow Lotus Detox Pad -Saussurea Extract Natural Care
Snow Lotus Detox Pad adopts the scientific composition of dozens of Chinese herbal medicine ingredients such as Tianshan Snow Lotus with the ecological maintenance methods of dredging, bacteriostasis, detoxification, repair, nutrition, and activation and uses modern technology to retain the plant (herbal) effective ingredients to the maximum extent, through the perineum mucosa, capillaries, and perineum acupoints, which are directed into the percutaneous absorption to reach the reproductive system, and the turbid gas, turbid liquid, and turbid matter are discharged from the body to achieve the purpose of cleansing the inner, functional maintenance, and improving the quality of life.
Clear Away Women’s Vaginal Problems

Main Ingredients :

Pure Cotton Knitted Surface, Dry-laid Paper, Breathable Bottom Film, Snow Lotus & Various Herbal Plant Ingredients.

Five (5) Effects of Snow Lotus Detox Pad :

It can clear away the vagina and uterus and the source of bacterial infection.
Tighten the vaginal system, restore the smooth muscle function of the vaginal wall, and improve the quality of sexual life.
Regulates endocrine, activates perineum, promotes the secretion of female hormones
Effectively control the production and growth of uterine fibroids, improve blood circulation inside the uterus, dilate capillaries, and play a role in regulating menstruation, hemostasis, and pain.
Through internal adjustment, it can achieve the functions of balancing Yin and Yang, removing freckles and removing acne, beautifying and nourishing the face, and reappearing the ruddy and glossy.
Helps To Solve Various Gynecological Problems, Eight (8) Major Problems / Symptoms :
Those with pruritus, burning pain, frequent urination, painful urination, peculiar smell, and leucorrhea abnormal.
To conserve nourish ovaries and treat and cure various gynecological problems fundamentally.
Rare menstruation, cold blood stasis, poor menstrual blood, blackening, long menstrual period, and allergic menstrual sanitary napkin.
Dry and painful sexual life, and frigidity.
Coarse dry skin, wrinkles, chloasma, and regional obesity.
Prevent infection and promote revitalization before and after sexual life, before and after menstruation, and before and after ovulation.
Females, who are in a sedentary lifestyle, staying up late, traveling, and in their daily work, could use this pad simultaneously to relieve pressure, refresh, and be comfortable, therefore, restoring and strengthening women’s natural immune system.
Prevention of infection after surgery, giving birth, or artificial termination of pregnancy and helps to recover faster.

Three (3) Stages For Recovering Your Healthy & Beautiful Life :

The First Stage: Detoxing
—— From the 1st month to the 3rd month, three pieces per day.

—— Killing Trichomoniasis and relieving itching, cleaning the vaginal condition, and discharging the toxin of the uterus.

The Second Stage: Personal Caring
—— From the 3rd month to the 6th month, two pieces per day.

—— Repair the impaired mucosa and restore the health of the vagina and uterus.

The Third Stage: Consolidation Consolidating
—— Long-term daily maintenance after 6 months, one piece per day.

—— Continuously adjust, enhance the immunity of the vaginal system and present the beauty of youth, delay the step of senility and enjoy the pleasure of sexual life



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