Vigor Cream & Balance Cream was developed based on the theory of Yin and Yang balance in Chinese medicine, complementing each other to create a balance of Yin and Yang, enhancing the body’s essence, energy, and spirit.
Coordinate Body Conditioning with Yin & Yang


Mild & Safe Plant Herbal extraction, no side effects. Tested by national authority: zero hormones, zero antibiotics, zero stimulants, zero chemical residue.

Strong Infiltration —— The molecular weight is very small, it infiltrates into the deep skin, and the effect is faster and better.

Strong Repairment —— Enhance the efficacy of ingredients and stimulate self-healing function.

Wildly Used —— It is suitable for Phubbers and those who stay up late, and it is a treasure of home maintenance and daily healthcare for families of sub-healthy people.

Convenient To Carry —— Portable health nurse, it takes effect quickly once sprayed or applied on.

Affordable Price —— To spread great love and health, the price is friendly to ordinary people, and most families can afford it.

Technical Characteristics :

—— It combines the essence of Chinese herbal medicine and new high technology, and adopt the quantum production technology to make the plant active essence ingredients work efficiently, penetrate into the deep layer of the skin quickly, stimulate the activity of cells, effectively repair cells and maintain human health


Release the active ingredient and spread it to the skin or mucous membrane surface.


Active ingredients enter the human microcirculation through blood vessels or lymphatic vessels.


Active ingredients penetrate the skin barrier at high speed and enter the subcutaneous tissue of the dermis.

Vigor Cream Main Ingredients :

Astaxanthin, ginsenoside, resveratrol, piper nigrum seed extract, borneol, milk protein, serine, apple fruit extract, perilla extract, sodium hyaluronate, motherwort extract, olive oil PEG-6, polyglycerol-6 esters, walnut oil, perilla seed oil, lavender oil, hesperidin, ginger root oil, glutathione, alkanet extract, hydrolyzed oats, peony root skin extract, and water.

Vigor Cream Main Functions :

Targeted Conditioning —— With the self-emulsification technology of liquid salt from herbs, through the absorption channel in the skin, our Vigor Cream release continuously warm release energy, driving the effective ingredients to reach the parts that need to be remedied.

Expelling Dampness & Improving Immunity —— It can dispel the moisture in the body, achieve the balance of Yin (the negative energy) and Yang (the positive energy), relieve pressure, and enhance immunity.

Improve Microcirculation —— It contains the essence of Chinese herbal medicine. After being absorbed by the epidermis, it enters human microcirculation, stimulates cell vitality, and improves the microcirculation system.

Improve Self-Healing Ability —— It can promote the restoration of the self-healing system, improve self-healing ability and recover from sub-health.

Beauty Nurture, Detoxification —— It can improve cell vitality, activate the self-healing ability of cells, improve the anti-aging ability of cells, promote metabolism and excrete toxins out of the body.

Body Shaping —— It can speed up the metabolism of excess fat and calories, and restore healthy body condition.

Several Reactions After Using Vigor Cream :

Hot —— means that the body has fire evil.
Spicy —— means you are filled with cold air.
Water Comes Out —— means you are filled with dampness.
Itching —— means that your body has strong wind and evil or hot blood.
Sore —— means your body’s blood is not in good circulation.
Painful —— means your muscles and veins are not in good circulation, and vessels are blocked.
Feels Nothing —— means cold air enters into your body, you need to apply more times.

Balance Cream Main Ingredients :

Motherwort extract, resveratrol, tea polyphenol, sophora flavescens root extract, eucommia ulmoides extract, milk protein, serine, vanilla extract, sodium hyaluronate, rose extract, coconut oil PEG-10 esters, cistanche deserticola extract, lavender oil, hesperidin, pomegranate fruit extract, folium centauri root extract, hydrolyzed rain bird’s nest extract, lavender extract, tree Paeonia root bark extract, and water.

Balance Cream Main Functions :

Mild Body Feeling —— Balance cream and Vigor Cream have similar ingredients and functions. Compared with Vigor cream, its body feeling is more gentle and there is no hot and spicy feeling.

Balance cream can Regulate Endocrine, Improve Immunity, and Resist Oxidation and Radiation.
Certain effects in Anti-Inflammatory and Relieving Pain.
Facial Maintenance —— In addition to other parts of the body, it can also be used for facial maintenance, long-term use can make the face delicate and smooth.

Collocation —— Balance Cream is a matching product of Vigor Cream. The effect is better when the two products are used together

Vigor Cream & Balance Cream Usage & Tips :

  1. Open the bottle
  2. Press 5-10 times
  3. Apply it evenly
  4. Apply preservative membrane

About Proportion

For the first time, it is recommended to use according to the physical condition (Vigor Cream 1:1 Balance Cream) or (Vigor cream 1:2 Balance Cream) or (Vigor Cream 1:3 Balance Cream). Adjust the proportion according to your own feelings, and master the proportion flexibly. If your body can bear it, you can gradually increase the amount of Vigor cream. Use Vigor cream to do a head massage.

About Position

In general, it is routine conditioning (cervical vertebra, waist, abdomen) the painful part. For the first time, it is recommended to start with the application of the Spine, then increase the position of the waist according to the situation, open the governor’s vessels, and add the abdomen after a few days of application, and then gradually expand the area according to the feeling and conditioning reaction.

About Preservative Membrane

If the skin surface has injury or inflammation, do not apply the membrane; In addition, the fresh-keeping membrane should be applied to make the efficacy of the Vigor cream play better.

In the Process of Membrane Application

If water comes out, dry it with a dry towel or paper towel, and then replace it with a new fresh-keeping mask. During the use of Vigor cream, you can’t get cold air, eat cold things, or drink cold water. Remember not to eat cold food such as watermelon, and drink warm and hot water to promote blood circulation and detoxification. Don’t put on the membrane to sleep, it will make the discharged damp and cold toxin enter the body again.




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